Hotel village

Host and history

A house with a very, very long history.

To tell the story of the Pichlmayrgut, we have to go back a long way. 900 years, to be precise. You probably don't have that much time. That's why we'll be brief.

Anno back then
The "Gut am Puhel" was first mentioned in a document in 1117. Almost as old as Austria itself. In 996, "Ostarrichi" was first mentioned in documents as a country. Long before the estate hosted guests, it was the official residence of St Peter's Abbey in Salzburg. Even today, two symbols on the coat of arms tell of this time: the keys and the bishop's mitre.

Host family

The Steiner family came into the picture, or rather into possession of the estate, in 1711. It remained that way until 1919. In 1949, the grandfather of today's host Christian Steiner bought it back. Since then, the family has been working hard to make the hotel even more attractive for its guests while at the same time honouring its long tradition.

Tourism came with the hotel

It was the hoteliers themselves who brought tourism to the Enns Valley in the Second Republic. The Pichlmayrgut proved its pioneering spirit and soon became legendary with its comprehensive wellness and sports programme. To this day, there is probably no comparable resort in the surrounding area.

A guest with the family

Today, Christian Steiner directs the fortunes of the house and is actively supported by the whole family. Three generations help together and feel very close to the hotel. There is hardly a regular guest who has not personally experienced the warmth of the Steiners.

Ambiente Hotel Village Pichlmayrgut

The balcony to the Dachstein region

The hotel village stands out from the valley like a castle or palace. It is not only the location that is upscale, but also everything the hotel offers. The amenities and the design, which bears the hallmarks of different eras, can best be described as luxury with patina.

Natural scenery

What could be better than spending a few days or weeks in the mountains? The backdrop of the Schladming-Dachstein region looks like it's been painted, but we're happy to tweak it if you wish: you're not dreaming. Lush green alpine meadows, crystal-clear air and the pleasure of the overwhelming Alpine panorama create a wonderful atmosphere to recharge your batteries.

Hotel village

Over the years, the Pichlmayrgut has grown into a hotel village. Strolling through the buildings, rooms and areas of the estate, you feel more like you are walking through a neighbourhood than a hotel. The impression is correct. There is so much to see and experience at the Edelgutshof that most guests are very happy to return.

Time travel

Luxury can take many forms. From ostentatious opulence to sterile minimalism. Luxury is often a question of fashion. The Pichlmayrgut proves that you don't have to follow every trend. The hotel defines luxury as something that guests look for and find here: Time, genuine hospitality, culinary pampering, maximum comfort, relaxation for body and soul and guided activities.

Agriculture & Alpine pasture

Accept the gifts of nature as they are.

Our own farm is as much a part of the hotel as the mountains are to the Enns Valley. Respect for animals, nature and the soil has always been a matter of course. Today we call that organic.

Own agriculture

Admittedly: Today, the Steiner family farms more out of passion than for economic reasons. Basically the best prerequisite, isn't it? The meat from the organic farm is processed in the hotel kitchen to create the finest delicacies. The forests and orchards are also cultivated and harvested mainly for the hotel's own use. Everything in organic quality.

Organic food

The kitchen team at the Edelgutshof also sources everything that does not come from its own farm as regionally and organically as possible. For generations, guests have appreciated the food on offer, where they know where it comes from.

Hofalm in Filzmoos

In summer, the cows of the Pichlmayrgut graze here. While the animals feast on lush grasses and herbs, hikers are treated to breathtaking images that will remain etched in their memories during sunrise hikes. Host Christian Steiner always enjoys hiking with his guests to the foot of the Bischofsmütze, where the Hofalm is located.

Picture gallery

A thousand pictures say more than a word.

Get a picture of your holiday at the Pichlmayrgut and imagine how you will soon be sitting there, relaxing and enjoying yourself.