Hotel village

Hosts and history

A house with a very, very long history.

To tell the story of Pichlmayrgut we have to go a long way back. 900 years back, to be precise. You probably don't have quite so much time, so we'll keep it brief.

A long time ago…
The first recorded mention of the estate “”Gut am Puhel”” was in 1117. That’s almost as old as Austria itself. Austria was mentioned for the first time in 996 as “”Ostrarrichi””. Long before the estate started to accommodate guests, it was the official residence of the St. Peter Abbey of Salzburg. Today two symbols in the seal serve to remember those days: the keys and the bishop’s mitre.

Host family

In 1711, the Steiner family acquired the estate. It remained in their property until 1919. In 1949, the grandfather of the present host, Christian Steiner, bought it back. Since then, the family has constantly endeavoured to make the hotel even more appealing to its guests, all while respecting its long tradition.

Tourism started with the hotel

The hotel owners are the ones who brought tourism to the Ennstal valley during the Second Republic. Pichlmayrgut was pioneering and quickly achieved legendary status with its comprehensive wellness and sports offerings. To this day there is nothing comparable in the vicinity.

Staying with the family

Today Christian Steiner is at the helm of the estate, with the strong backing of the entire family. Three generations all work together and all feel a close connection to the house. Few regulars will not have experienced the warm hospitality of the Steiners in person.

Pichlmayrgut hotel village ambiance

The balcony to the Dachstein region

Like a fortress or a castle, the hotel village is elevated above the valley. And “elevated” also perfectly describes everything that the hotel offers. The amenities and the design, bearing the signature of different epochs, can best be described as luxury with patina.

Natural scenery

What could be better than spending a few days or weeks in the mountains? The scenery in the Schladming-Dachstein region sometimes looks like a picture. But we'll gladly pinch you: you're not dreaming! Lush green Alpine pastures, crystal clear air and the joy of the magnificent Alpine panorama create a wonderful atmosphere in which to replenish your energy.

Hotel village

Over the years, Pichlmayrgut has grown into a hotel village. As one wanders between the buildings, rooms and areas of the estate, the feeling is more like moving through a neighbourhood than through a hotel. And there is truth to this impression. The noble estate has so much to see and to experience that most guests gladly return.

A journey through time

Luxury can take many forms – from extravagant opulence to sterile minimalism. Often luxury is a matter of the latest fashion. But the Pichlmayrgut estate demonstrates that one does not always have to chase the latest trend. The hotel defines luxury as something that guests seek and that they can find here: time, true hospitality, culinary pampering, maximum comfort, relaxation for body and soul, and guided activities.

Farm & Alm (a mountain farm)

Accepting nature's gifts as they are

Agriculture is an integral part of the hotel, as the mountains are to the Ennstal. And farming has always gone hand in hand with respect for animals, nature and the soil. Long before the word "organic" was invented.

Our own farm

Admittedly, today the Steiner family farms more out of passion than out of economic necessity. But isn't that the best way to farm? The meat from the organic farm is transformed into culinary treats in the hotel kitchen. And the forests and orchards are mainly managed and harvested for domestic use in the hotel. With everything in organic quality.

Organic food

For those items that cannot be produced on the estate, the kitchen team tries to source them locally and organically whenever possible. For generations, guests have appreciated the culinary offering, comforted by knowing where their food comes from.

Hofalm in Filzmoos

In the summer, the cows of the Pichlmayrgut estate graze here. While the animals fatten up on juicy grasses and herbs, hikers on the sunrise treks replenish their spirits on breathtaking views that are etched deeply into the memory. Owner Christian Steiner frequently hikes with his guests to the foot of the Große Bischofsmütze (the Bishop's Mitre peak), where the estate's pastures lie.