Spa & Wellness

Water worlds

Sun, water and warmth flood the mind in equal measure.

Liquid is a wonderful aggregate state for all forms of stress and tension. Glide into the water worlds of the Pichlmayrgut, swim your laps through the pool and emerge wonderfully relaxed.

Indoor swimming pool

With an oversized conservatory, the indoor pool on the south side of the hotel village goes into extra time, so to speak. Not only water, but also light floods the room. Let yourself be tickled by the sun's rays after your swim and let the good feeling of drifting linger for a while.

Saltwater pool

In the middle of the mountains and still salt on your lips - that's the taste of summer at the Pichlmayrgut. And not only that! At around 32°C, the outdoor brine pool invites you to enjoy a sporty and relaxing swim all year round. During the warmer months, comfortable seating and loungers are also available.


What could be nicer than being welcomed by warm water after a day of sport and having your tired muscles gently massaged? The view of the mountains while you relax in the whirlpool is a treat in itself.

Sun deck

A hide-away that can open its top.

Sauna worlds

Take a bath in the warmth.

If warmth is the key to wellbeing, then this is locked in a number of rooms at the Pichlmayrgut. Four saunas as well as a steam bath, tepidarium, aroma grotto and infrared cabins provide warmth and health.

Earth panorama sauna

Here, both the view and the next infusion will make you sweat. While you are in the sauna, your gaze rests on the imposing skyline of the Schladming-Dachstein mountains. In winter, you can look directly at the Reiteralm, from which you may have just skied down.

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Finnish sauna

Finns are even more likely to conclude business deals in the sauna than at the conference table. Sweating is a fixed ritual in the cool north. Get your circulation going with a hot and cold alternating bath in the Finnish sauna

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Steam bath

Take a bath in the cosy, warm mist and find peace and relaxation after a day of skiing or hiking. Ideal for anyone who can't stand or doesn't want the heat of the sauna.

Organic herbal sauna

As gentle on the circulation as a steam bath, but still a sauna. The temperatures in the bio-sauna are lower than in the Finnish sauna. Herbal infusions and essential oils gently awaken your spirits.

Herbal sauna

Wellness bar

Teas and a fruit basket are available for your visit to the Alpen Spa. Strengthen your body while your soul regains its strength. Save your appetite for the delicious 6-course evening menu.

Fruit basket

Wellness treatments

The key to deep relaxation

In the broadest sense, wellness stands for everything that does you good. The massage team and beauty professionals are happy to give you pampering for your well-being. An extended me-time in the Alpen Spa, where nothing and nobody disturbs you, is also good for you.


The relaxing and invigorating effect of massages has been known for thousands of years. The right strokes ease tension and lift the mood. The massage team at the Pichlmayrgut is professionally trained and will cater to your exact needs with every treatment.

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Alps Spa

Our dedicated massage and beauty team at the Alpen Spa understands the art of developing the relaxing and invigorating effect of massages. Every touch is lovingly designed to relieve tension and replenish your energy levels. Or let our stylists pamper you according to your individual wishes - be it the right nail polish for your evening outfit or a relaxing pedicure after an active day of hiking or skiing. Beauty comes from within, right? All the more important to take time for yourself and your own needs. Have fun browsing!


Wellness massages at a glance


Alps Spa

The entire 3,000 m2 Alpen SPA is a wellness treatment in itself. Experience has shown that it is easy to relax there. Especially those who often find it difficult to switch off should give it a try. Doing nothing does a lot to our minds.

Quiet zone.

A garden for all seasons

Beauty treatments

Happiness is the most beautiful make-up.

Beauty comes from within. It's quite possible that after just a few days you'll see how good your holiday with us is for you. If you like, the professionals from the beauty team will make you glow even more.


The stylists look forward to pampering you with a treatment tailored to your wishes. A personal consultation is just as much a part of the appointment as a beautiful result.


The hands are a person's calling card. Whether it's a quick nail polish to match your evening outfit or a nourishing all-round treatment - the stylists will be happy to help you.

Foot care

A whole day on your feet, possibly in tight ski or hiking boots, makes your feet tired. A relaxing pedicure works wonders. Enjoy a nourishing pedicure right in the hotel. Good for men and women alike.


Our beauty treatments at a glance


To emerge as the winner in the battle for fresh energy.

Sport is paradoxical: it costs strength to gain new strength. A zero-sum game? Not at all. After every workout you feel stronger than before. Temporary fatigue is bubbled away or massaged away in the wellness area.

Sport Centre

In the hotel village you will not only find a fitness room, but a complete fitness studio. State-of-the-art equipment for cardio, strength and stretching challenges you to train. You can balance your mineral balance at the juice bar.

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For an exciting tennis match you need to be in good shape and, above all, plenty of space. This is what the Pichlmayrgut offers you. Book the indoor tennis court for a small fee. You don't need to bring your rackets with you, we will be happy to provide you with some.


Squash court

Fast rallies and maximum concentration - that's squash. Let off steam in our squash court. The room can be used by appointment and for a small fee. If you don't have any rackets with you, we will be happy to lend you some.