Culinary delights


Everything that makes the morning a good one.

Sweet and savoury delicacies compete to be the guests' first treat of the day at the lavishly laid buffet. Many of our savoury and filling products come from our own farm or from friendly farms in the region.

Homemade jams

The team in the kitchen spares no effort to treat you to a treat in a class of its own. All the jams are home-made, some even using fruit from our own farm.

Chocolate for breakfast

Our confectioners get to work early in the morning. Enjoy sweet-smelling waffles, cakes and other temptations, sometimes served still warm.


A wide variety of specialities enchant the palate.

Evening after evening, we spoil our guests in 6 acts. An ensemble of classic dishes and refined creations turn the end of the day into a daily feast for the senses.


Because it is well known that you eat with your eyes, the ambience plays its part in spoiling you. The characteristic rooms and seats range from the rustic Jogltisch to the Schlossstube and the elegant Rosenstüberl.


Every day, our pastry chefs pull homemade cakes, desserts and specialities out of the oven. Such as the delicious Ennstal Styrian doughnuts. We recommend that you stop counting calories while on holiday.

Brook trout from the farm pond

We show our great respect for some foods even before they are prepared. The brook trout swim in the farm pool, cattle graze on our own pastures.


À la Carte

You don't have to spend the night at the Pichlmayrgut to enjoy our cuisine. Head chef Michael Ferstl and his team put together a refined menu depending on the season, which makes even the choice a pleasure.

Organic from the neighbourhood

It's true: food tastes best fresh. Only food that has just ripened in the orchard or has had a species-appropriate life is truly fresh. Whenever possible, we source the highest quality ingredients for the kitchen from close by. Every discerning palate appreciates this decision.

Eat outside

During the warmer months, the pavement garden and inner courtyard invite you to sit outside. Even a few drops of warm summer rain won't spoil your enjoyment - the large awning reliably defies short showers. The town square of the hotel village also has its charm when covered in snow: warm yourself up with a cup of mulled wine or hot, fresh chestnuts.

Wine cellar

Wines are sun-drenched summers, packaged in bottles.

Host Christian Steiner has assembled a remarkable selection of exceptional wines in the cellar. The focus is on Austrian wines, but the potpourri is multicultural. Taste your way through.

Knowledge lies in wine

Wine can be fun, but for us it is serious work. Christian Steiner accompanies most of the wines in the cellar while they are still growing in the vineyards. He can not only talk about the flavour, but also about the philosophy of the winemaker. He knows all of them personally and maintains an intensive, friendly dialogue with the winemakers.